Tour of the JLC: 21-Day Advocacy Challenge, Week 1

In recognition of the anniversary of the founding of the Junior League of Chicago (JLC), throughout the month of November the JLC is celebrating with a “Tour of the JLC” sharing the wide variety of ways the JLC impacts our community. 

Advocacy is an important part of the JLC’s community improvement toolbox, and so we invite all members to join us for a 21-day Advocacy Challenge.  The Advocacy Challenge will run from November 9 through November 30, encouraging members to get to know their local, state, and federal officials, as well as familiarize themselves with JLC’s signatures issues and ways to impact their community through advocacy. 

a ballot box illustration

During the 21-Day Advocacy challenge, you will leverage Chicago news outlets, learn your way around government websites, and explore advocacy resources on the JLC’s website (hint: explore the About – Advocacy section). Now that the election has passed, it is time to get to work learning about newly elected officials in your Chicago ward, in the state of Illinois, and federally.

Week 1 Challenge:

  • Monday November 9: Familiarize yourself with your newly elected federal officials.
  • Tuesday November 10: Familiarize yourself with your newly elected state officials on the Illinois State Board of Elections site.
  • Wednesday November 11: Research one piece of recently passed legislation. 
  • Thursday November 12: Learn more JLC’s three signature issues
  • Friday November 13: Share on social media one way JLC supports healthy lifestyles (use the #jlchicago hashtag to share)
  • Saturday November 14: Share on social media one way JLC supports education (use the #jlchicago hashtag to share)
  • Sunday November 15: Share on social media one way JLC spreads awareness for efforts on fighting human trafficking (use the #jlchicago hashtag to share)

The Junior League of Chicago’s (JLC) Advocacy Council identifies and researches policy issues important to the JLC, advocating on its behalf. It builds coalitions with like-minded organizations and promotes awareness and dialogue among JLC membership and the community. If you’re interested in learning more after completing this week’s challenge, feel free to reach out to any member of the JLC’s Advocacy Council to learn more ways to get informed and involved!