The Junior League of Chicago is governed by our Board of Directors and Executive Officers, all of whom are volunteer members of the League.

JLC 2020 Leadership

The Junior League of Chicago 2020-2021 Leadership

The Junior League of Chicago’s Board of Directors derives its authority from and is accountable to the League membership. The Board of Directors acts in the best interest of the League through the exercise of the duties of Care, Loyalty, and Obedience, with a sound understanding of legal & fiduciary responsibilities.

Board members lead by example through contributions to the JLC’s Annual Fund, other JLC funds, participate in community initiatives, and attend JLC development events in order to encourage League-wide participation. As the League’s governing board, they ensure adherence to the mission, vision, and set the strategic plan.

Below is a list of our current Executive Officers and Board of Directors for the 2020-2021 League year:

Executive Officers of the Junior League of Chicago

  • President: Melissa Schumacher
  • Executive Vice President: Nicole Lambiase
  • Senior Vice President of Strategy: Becky Hogan
  • Treasurer: Bridgette Lobdell
  • Recording Secretary: Virginia Hunt

Junior League of Chicago Board of Directors

  • Advocacy Director: Kim Sebastian
  • Board Member-at-Large: Kristin Olson
  • Board Member-at-Large: Lisa Allen
  • Board Member-at-Large: Beckley Maggio
  • Board Member-at-Large: Caroline Donlin
  • Board Member-at-Large: Claudia Jones
  • Diversification Director: Damaris Aquino
  • Executive Vice President-Elect: Jacqueline Zimmerman
  • Fundraising Director: Jess Fernandez-Evans
  • Nominating Director: Rayna Yaker

Our Management Committee

Management Committee members lead by example through contributions to the Junior League’s Annual Fund, other JLC funds, participation in community initiatives, and attendance at JLC events in order to encourage League-wide participation.

  • Event Development Vice President: Hayley Rawers
  • Event Development Vice President: Anika Allen
  • Fund Development Vice President: Vanessa Kosloski
  • Fund Development Vice President: Kathleen Jenkins
  • Fundraising Director-Elect: Vacant
  • Advocacy Vice President: Kristin Bernhard
  • Advocacy Vice President: Rebekah Bueschel
  • Budget Vice President: Karen Nye
  • Community Vice President: Genevieve Fabisch
  • Community Vice President: Elizabeth Ervin
  • Diversification Director-Elect: Colleen Carrillo
  • Education and Training Vice President: Cara Stern
  • Education and Training Vice President: Kirsten Butler
  • Facilities Chair: Samantha Westerhof
  • Facilities Chair: Jennifer Mason
  • Marketing Vice President: Amy Marchlen
  • Marketing Vice President: Amanda Decker
  • Membership Vice President: Chelsea Wiedemann
  • Membership Vice President: Margaret Devlin
  • Nominating Director-Elect: Jane (Heistand) Workman
  • Personnel Vice President: Kara Goodbrand
  • Project Development Vice President: Elizabeth Kennedy
  • Project Development Vice President: Stephenie Lazarus
  • Senior Vice President of Strategy-Elect: Taylor Trovillion
  • Sustainer Vice President: Amy Dunn
  • Sustainer Vice President: Alyssa Kim
  • Technology Vice President: Jennessa Tabba
  • Technology Vice President: Mary Kate Mack
  • Treasurer-Elect: Kate Major

Become a Leader in the Junior League of Chicago

Nominations for 2021-2022 Junior League of Chicago leadership positions are open! Current members may self-nominate or nominate a member who inspires them to serve the League. Application deadlines are quickly approaching!

  • Executive Committee: September 11, 2020
  • Management & Board: October 9, 2020
  • Remaining Slated Positions: November 6, 2020

To learn about available leadership opportunities, please review the JLC Leadership Manual and be sure to complete the Application.