Done in a Day: JLC and Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House keeps families together when it matters most. By providing a home away from home for families of hospitalized children dealing with complex medical needs, Ronald McDonald House serves the families and children of our community.

Members of our Junior League community continue to act on the Junior League mission to promote volunteerism and improve the community. The opportunity to volunteer at Ronald McDonald house was a wonderful experience for some of our fellow Junior League women.

On February 1st, 18 of our JLC members prepped, cooked, and served a homemade and healthy dinner for 75 people at the Ronald McDonald House. Through Ronald McDonald’s “Meals from the Heart” program, our JLC members were able to experience the direct impact this meal had on the guests of the house. Chatting with and getting to know the families and children was a rewarding and heart-warming experience. Our JLC women provided smiles along with their lovingly made meal to make the last meal of the day a fun and heartfelt way for all participants to close their day. One JLC member stated, “It was wonderful to be able to show some Chicago Hospitality to individuals that were away from home and having a loved one receive care at Lurie Children’s Hospital.”

Our JLC ladies put their teamwork into action as they broke off into teams to complete all the tasks needed to get everything prepared and cooked within an hour and a half before it was dinner time. Way to go ladies!

Some of the patients receiving outpatient care were able to enjoy the meal too. One of many of the heart-warming stories shared from the evening was of a young boy who gave all of the JLC member’s high-fives after he enjoyed his meal. The excitement and love that filled the dining room that night was truly memorable, so many happy faces and big smiles!

After dinner, the staff at Ronald McDonald House gave our members a tour of the beautiful facility. Our members were excited to learn that the House is the Largest Ronald McDonald House in the World!

The event provided not only a way for the league to give back to the area in which league members live, but also allowed the league members to get to know one another. The night was quite the success, and our JLC ladies look forward to future opportunities to work with Ronald McDonald House and the families and children that call it a home away from home.

We look forward to more smiles and more fun times in partnering with Ronald McDonald House!

By Elise Houren, Published February 23, 2016