Corporate Sponsor

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Summer Soiree: A Chic Evening in White.

Becoming a corporate sponsor: Why partnering with Junior League of Chicago Can Benefit you

  1. We have two unique audiences you will want to reach:
  • 1,200 + members of Junior League of Chicago
    • Work and Family- 41% are married, 59% are single
    • Age- Our Active members range from 23 to 59, average age 25-34.
    • Education- 61% of our active members have bachelor’s degrees, and another 39% have advanced degrees.
  • Our members are women of all races, religions and national origins, who demonstrate an interest in and commitment to voluntarism. They are women, who work fulltime, parttime and in the home; single women, married women, and mothers. They are women who share diverse interests and backgrounds as well as a desire to improve the Chicago-land community through volunteer action and training.
  1. The League is a 501(c)(3) organization, and all of the money raised through our events support our three fold mission.
  • Promoting Voluntarism
  • Developing the potential of women
  • Improving the community through effective action and leadership of trained volunteers
  1. We can only do this through the funds raised by our fundraisers.
  2. The Junior League of Chicago has been affecting positive change in our community for more than 100 years.
  3. The women of Junior League of Chicago are connected community builders who are loyal to our supporters.

Check out our Corporate Sponsorship Letter

Please contact JLC Headquarters if you have any questions.