Continuing Membership as a Sustainer

There are many ways to stay active and involved in the JLC after becoming a Sustainer. Benefits/Activities include:

  • Membership in the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) and the Junior League of Chicago (JLC)
  • Reduced annual Sustainer dues
  • Monthly Sustainer Connections email newsletters and weekly league-wide Connections newsletters
  • Invitations to exclusive Sustainer-only events such as: o Sustainer First Friday Parties
    • Sustainer Holiday Parties
    • Sustainer Salons
    • Sustainer DIADs
    • Sustainer Community and Cultural Events
    • Sustainer Development Events


Criteria for becoming a Sustainer

Flex-Credit requirements for achieving Sustainer Status: Once an Active member reaches 200 Flex Credits, she is eligible to move to Sustainer Status. All members receive 25 Flex Credits for each Active year they have been a member of any Junior League, including the Associate/Provisional year, but excluding any Leave of Absence years. These membership points are added on to Fundraising and Elective points, which all go towards the 200 point total. Members may take different amounts of time to achieve Sustainer Status, as the total points is no longer directly based on Active Membership years completed.


Next Steps for becoming a Sustainer

If you are currently an active member that meets the requirements to become a Sustainer, please submit a Change of Status form.

If you are currently a Sustainer member in another league and are interested in transferring your membership to the Junior League of Chicago, please reach out to the JLC staff at (312) 664-4462.